Pass The N.E.T. Author Nancy Lydia Kimmel R.N. Ph.D. CHMM

Dr. Nancy Lydia Kimmel has been an arduous educator, author, and inventor for over twenty years. Her first book, entitled, “The Easy Guide to Accredited Degrees through Correspondence” is on file with the United States Library of Congress and the United States Department of Education. Her educational background is a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (C.H.M.M.), a Bachelor of Science and a degree in Applied Sciences.

Dr. Kimmel spent 3 years at the University of Michigan Dearborn studying Biochemistry, and psychology, 2 years at the University of Ohio studying psychology, 2 years at the University of Kansas studying for her masters in Chemical Engineering and finally finishing her Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering at Kennedy Western University in Wyoming. She ran her own business for over 10 years entitled, Empire Environmental Consultants, working with hazardous waste spills indoor air assessments. She has recently patented her invention on a unique air filter that not only filters the air but also produces oxygen. She is currently working on several other patents that will hopefully revolutionize medicine and help those with diabetes that have to test their blood sugar.
Dr. Kimmel is currently an adjunct of Mechanical Engineering at Lawrence Technological University, in Southfield Michigan, a world renowned university in its own right, where she has taught for over four years. The courses that she teaches includes, Mechanics of Materials, Statistics, Engineering Materials, Introduction to Engineering, Engineering Materials Laboratory, Manufacturing Processes and Engineering Cost Analysis, as well as several graduate engineering courses. She has also developed several courses for the university in hazardous materials, entitled “Hazardous Materials Management”, at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Dr. Kimmel has also taught at Oakland University in the department of mechanical engineering, and at Henry Ford Community College, where she has taught engineering and physics courses.

Dr. Kimmel has been directly involved in a variety of national associations. She has collaborated with NASA in the development of new materials for use in aerospace. Several of Dr. Kimmel’s other patents involve new materials using plant fibers. As a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, Dr. Kimmel is in the elite ranks of only about 7,000 worldwide. Dr. Kimmel has instructed on behalf of the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management at the esteemed Yazaki center in Canton Michigan lecturing on industrial toxicology.
Her many years as a teacher and tutor of high school to graduate school pupils has always kept her in the forefront of making learning a pleasurable experience, but not impossibility.
Dr. Kimmel’s devotion to helping others has led her to develop, The NET Study Guide, a comprehensive tutorial for all those desiring to pass the Nursing Entrance Test, to get into nursing school. Dr. Kimmel has successfully tutored many students for the Nursing Entrance Test. Due to all of the hours that went into tutoring sessions; Dr. Kimmel decided to write the tutorial software so that students could learn at their leisure. Over eight hundred hours went into the preparation for The NET Study Guide. Dr. Kimmel is committed that the software will help all those that study it, she has guaranteed their money back if they don’t pass. So far Dr. Kimmel hasn’t had to give any refunds. She is also available via phone if anyone has any problems understanding the math section. Dr. Kimmel is currently a nurse as well. She has decided to expand her career into the nursing field, where she feels she will be able to help others not only as a teacher but as a caregiver.
Dr. Kimmel scored in the top 5% in taking the Nursing Entrance Test, and after doing so decided to write the tutorial.
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